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Lynx management

The reintroduction of lynx in Rhinland-Palatinate is attended by the release of the lynx Management plan of Rhineland-Palatinate. This plan handles most of the possible problems with lynx, livestock, hunting, poaching and illegal releases.

Livestock breeders can get 100% compensation after a lynx attack on sheeps, goats or other livestock. Lynx must be exclusionary, so the victim must show some sighns of predtion and/or typicall use of an predator. Lyny as predator can be proven by dna-analytics or camera traps.

The afflicted breeders only can apply for 90% founding for aditional electric fencing (strands or mobile electric fence) their enclousures. All this based on a close control (<24h) of the dead livestock after the act to safe the dna-traces. Rhinland-Palatinate implemented a Hotline for all kinds of predator relevant chases.

Porching and illegal release will result in checks of possibilitys of extraction of the illegal lynx with unknown genetic origion and checks of additonal releases of lynx as compensation of the killed lynx.

Further Details can be found in the german managementplan.

Lynx - Hotline

LIFE Lynx-Team:

06306 911 156

Large carnivores-Hotline:

06306 911 199